Venezuela has been experiencing a serious economic hardship for a long time and is still alive. The Venezuelan currency is losing value due to the economic crisis, as no solution can be found against the economic sanctions of the US leadership. However, the crypto money continues to gain value in Venezuela.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced at the end of last year that they are prepared to take out national crypt money to overcome financial sanctions and improve economic sense. Now, El Petro, the crypto part of reserve-backed Venezuela, has been exported as 100 million units. The sale of El Petro, whose unit price is $ 59.07, also started today.

100 million El Petro will sell only 82.4 million units at present
An exported El Petro will be equivalent to one barrel of Venezuelan oil, and only 82.4 million units will be sold from 100 million El Petro for the time being. El Petro differs from other crypto parallels by having a real existence behind it. Venezuela’s cryptographer El Petro is thought to attract the attention of investors especially in the Middle East and EU. In recent days, Turkey’s close relations with Venezuela’yl also expected to invest El Petro.

Also remember; Nicolas Maduro said that while Petro helped Venezuela “advance in monetary sovereignty, realize financial transactions and come up from economic sanctions”, Nicolas Maduro said that the opposition should make fun of Maduro with the approval of the congress to switch to crypto currencies, some of them were not sure whether the crypto money was the way to salvation.



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