In a statement by media giant Thomson Reuters, the company has designed a new bitcoin data stream service to serve crypto money investors.

Bitcoin Emotion Data Stream, which is included in the MarketPsych Indices product, which is included in many vehicles from companies to state treasuries, will analyze data from more than 400 sources, analyze social media platforms and news sites using an artificial intelligence analyzing tool, and produce actionable results.

With this service, investors will be able to add safeguards to their assets that can be triggered by certain levels in their buy-sell orders at certain times, using “greediness” or “fear” measures.

Thomson provided a service that could be followed by investors for long-lasting bitcoin prices. There have also been attempts to support blockchain implementations, but this week’s announcement marks the first time the company has announced a service to direct crypto money investors.
Artificial intelligence for investment

According to Richard Peterson, who created the core technology of the MarketPysch CEO and Thomson Reuters’ Bitcoin Emotional Data Flow service, the basis of all of these investment analysis products is programs called Bayesian filters that apply lessons taught by people to computers.

Peterson, who is also the author of the book “Trading on Sentiment: The Power of Minds Over Markets”, says that words such as hope and anxiety can speed up the person’s withdrawal during an investment decision or even be used as investment markers in the virtual environment. he said.

Speaking of the need to learn a system where the computer can then detect whether the group of gorillas or words that he or she is interested in is related to cryptograms, Roberson speaks about the bitco in the BTC abbreviated Reddit site, but may be used as an abbreviation for Bellingham Technical Collage in another setting. the crypto gives the example that we need to be sure that it is about money.

Crypto money is a new trend among companies offering investment tools, artificial intelligence services. Sentiment and Token AI The most well known of the initiatives with this idea and the numbers are increasing day by day.

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