The crypto money world has begun to emerge in unexpected areas. Tesla Model S car enthusiast has done what is spoken as a “idea” in forums and on internet sites and transformed the vehicle into a pool of miners. In this respect, Model S aims to increase its profit from the crypto rewards of mining prizes and to be able to meet the need of electric energy in free supercharging locations where its owners are included.

As you know, people who sign up for, verify, register for, and win a prize for that crypto money are called miners, and miners need serious processor power and electrical energy to perform these operations (mathematical calculations) .

You need to minimize your hardware and energy needs to keep your mining revenues high, and this is what Tesla’s owner intends to do exactly.

It was claimed by many that the autopilot system of Tesla vehicles could be used to power the processor power of the bitcoin during times when it was not actively used. A person with a Model S showed that this was possible.

Of course, Tesla users are of the opinion that the autopilot should not be disabled as it is known that disabling the autopilot system in vehicles may cause many safety problems.

Instead of using the power of the autopilot processor in the forums, he set up a mining facility that would fit snugly behind a user’s car on the recommendation of using strong electric energy, and began mining using electrical energy.

Although it is not possible to do bitcoin mining with this system created from GPU processors, many different crypto money mining operations can be done.

Thanks to this system, Tesla’s car owner, who is included in Supercharger network, can use free energy from stations and can start to mining if he can technically reach energy transfer from stations to these processors. I leave you with the ethics debate.

Using such a system, first of all, it is necessary to consider how logical it would be for the vehicle to consume its battery life. At the same time, let’s not forget that while the mining process is taking place, the car will start to heat up like an oven.

Although it is fun to think about such a system, we can not say that it makes any sense because it will come at a price because of the glue.


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