Called the safest instant messaging application, Telegram plans to develop its own blockchain platform and the crypto money to be developed on this platform. With this crypto money to be developed, the payment transactions on the telegram can be easily done and projects far beyond this can be developed.

This platform, which will be called Telegram Open Network (TON) according to TechCrunch, will be developed to be a 3rd generation blockchain platform that will have much better features than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The launch will probably be the largest ICO ever seen, and will probably collect hundreds of millions of dollars in financing thanks to “special pre-sales”. The ICO will easily leave behind the largest ICOs (Filecoin and Tezos) made up to date with everyone opening. The most important factor behind this expected success is, of course, that this ICO is made by a proven, successful and actively used messaging platform that is a “dream product”. If ICO is successfully completed and adopted by users, the Telegram, popularized by the anarchist approach, will no longer have to be connected to governments or even banks.

At the moment, Telegram, the most popular communication platform of the crypto money market, can help users get rid of high transfer fees in cross-border payments and make small payments that can be very costly with credit cards. Beginning to receive payment by TON will also be a great starting point.

Not being finalized yet, Telegram managers targeting at least $ 500 million in financing prepayments from ICO and private pre-sales expected to start at the earliest March are aiming to surpass $ 3 billion after general token sales. Of course, all these expectations and figures will change before the ICO.

Unlike many ICOs, it is said that Telegram, which is supposed to make ICO token sales with a real currency such as dollars instead of paying with ETH or BTC, sets the minimum investment amount in special pre-sales as $ 20 million. It is said that many great investors are interested in this development, but it is said that some investors are disturbed by the fact that the investments will be taken with real cash rather than crypto money.

The 132-page documentary on which technical and financial details are shared draws attention to four important steps.

TON Services: A decentralized service that can be used by third party applications and all smartphone-compatible services through smart contracts.

TON DNS: A service that will allow access to contracts, services, and networks in a decentralized manner.

TON Payments: China’s largest messaging application WeChat is also one of the largest payment systems. You can do everything from your grocery shopping to your official agency payments. With TON Payments you will be able to do all this decentralized with crypto money. Millions of transfers are claimed to be a service that can be done quickly.

TON Blockchain: The most important feature separated from the blockchain platforms we know is that a system will be developed to divide and concatenate blocks according to the current changes. Thus, the formation of new blocks will not take much time, both will reduce the transaction costs and prevent the formation of queues. For this reason I think they prefer the 3rd generation blockchain.

We will update this post if we find a link to the document where these details are available.

How do you find the new crypto money opportunity of the telegram? Would you consider this investment opportunity? Do not forget to share your comments in the comment field.


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