Starbucks has always been talking about its name with innovations in payment systems in recent years. With its own payment application that was released in 2015, it was also distributing gifts to coffee shoppers. The application used in a third of all US coffee sales is so successful that they are planning to open shops in the US where only this practice is valid.

The next month Starbucks is preparing to issue a credit card on behalf of itself in cooperation with Chase and Visa. The STAR points earned with card spending will of course work well when you have coffee.

Now Starbucks president Howard Shultz has announced plans to include blockchain technology and cryptographic payment methods in future payment technologies.

During a three-month investor session, posted by Diginomica site, Shultz said he believes that blockchain technology has entered an era in which a significant number of digital currencies will be available to users.

Shultz did not specify which crypto money would be used. But BitCoin has no place in this strategy, he said, adding that BitCoin is now an investment vehicle function rather than a payment method. He also added that they have no plans to invest in block-chain technology or to extract their own crypto-money, and that they simply want to gain credibility in this technology.

It is clear that Starbuck’s own mobile payment application, which is already in use all over the world, will legitimize this innovation as it adapts crypto payment systems.


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