The Selfllery named social network explained that every day on the platform would turn into a crypto parity. Every taste you get in the play becomes “you tokens” so you can shop or donate from the shop of Selfllery. Selfllery’s revenue source is not an ad. The company sells the photos uploaded on the platform as visual and video stocks. On the platform, there is a system based on user activity that determines how much a user likes each photo. So every taste has a different value.

The scores on a user’s profile also determine how much you will receive tokens per liking. Scores are based on the sum of the likes, comments and views on the user’s content and on the photo competitions they have participated in. So the more active a user has in a Selfllery, the more he appreciates.

Moreover, unlike traditional stock photo photo sites, you do not have to wait 30-60 days to earn income in Selfllery. You can earn revenue immediately by defining your account as you tokens. It is possible to spend you tokens in the marketplace of the Selfllery, which will be a lifetime in May 2018. Selfllery’s marketplace will also be open to sellers with different options and products.

Besides, Ethereum blockchain can transform You Tokens into cash. You can use You Tokens to advertise on the platform, as well as take advantage of the competitions in the photo competitions. At the end of the photo contest you win more You Tokens. Of course, users can donate a certain portion of you tokens if they ask.

You do not have to be a photographer or be knowledgeable in the crypto field to join the Selfllery. Blockchain technology is on the platform only to see where users’ tokens come from and to layer the security system.

Selfllery, which has been operating since 2016, is looking at being a social platform from a brand new window. Selfllery, who will reward the early members of the platform, plans to do his first ICO in March. Among the plans of the platform are still photos as well as video support and live broadcasts. If you want to convert the likes you receive into money, you can register on the site or in the application.


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