In the Asian market, the effects of the regulations on crypto paralia are reflected in all world markets at the moment. We have lived with the unfounded news that the last example of this would ban South Korea from crypt money in the recent past. Now, the possibility of Russia to legalize the crypt money is discussed.

Newsweek quoted from the Russian media that he had prepared it; It was stated that the Russian Ministry of Finance had drafted a draft law that would allow the crypto money to organize and buy-sell in legal stock markets to be voted on in February.

Russian finance minister Alexei Moiseev said that they fully support the purchase and sale of crypto money in official and legal stock markets and do not want to make any regulations or limitations on this issue. “This is the fact that the buying and selling of crypto currencies will be standardized. The general idea is to make official purchases and sales in a legally declared manner. ”

Last week, the Russian Central Bank announced that they were seeing the possibility of legalization of the crypto currencies with the Ministry of Finance. Although the Bank of Russia is on the opposite side of this issue, like other banks, politicians seem to have a warmer view of it. In fact, Russia made hard statements against crypto currencies last year.

The Russian Communications Ministry argued that cryptographic money should never be legalized. Officials from the Central Bank were making a bit of a pyramid scheme for bitcoin and arguing that the financial power should not be taken away from the banks.

Russian President Putin’s statement to members of the local press last week, “If we make arrangements and these regulations are insufficient, this time the government will be responsible for the problems that may arise. At this stage, responsibility belongs to the individual and the government can only do the thing, you can not do it. If the situation is still not clear, then there are problems to be solved, “he said.

As in South Korea, managers in Russia seem to want to protect their citizens, who have little knowledge and intellectuals, from misguided decisions and to live with great losses.


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