As the interest in crypto paralysis increased, the number of internet sites that did crypto money mining without permission started to increase. These sites are trying to solve mathematical problems by using the CPU power of their computers instead of showing ads that do not appeal to users and even bother them, and they are collecting crypto cash prizes on this site.

Sites called “Cryptojacking” do not get permission for this process and because of the mining, the computer can experience too much trouble because it is slowing down too much.

The latest version of Opera, from popular Internet browsers, comes with an internal security measure against CryptoJacking. Opera 50 comes with a list of new mining scripts that it compiles and updates, named No Coin.

All you need to do to prevent mining is to update your Opera browser and enable the No Coin feature in the new version. You can get rid of unnecessary ads and block miners by opening the built-in ad blocking (adblocker) feature. If you do not want to open this feature completely because some sites do not accept Adblocker users, you still need to choose “No Coin” if you want to protect against CryptoJacking.

Opera’s timing is pretty accurate because Cryptojacking is a problem that has reached quite scary dimensions. In a report published in November 2017, AdGuard shared that nearly 33,000 Internet sites are trying to generate revenue by making unauthorized crypto money mining and that these websites have reached nearly 1 billion users each month.

Even worse, according to Alexa data, the survey on the most popular 100 thousand websites showed an increase of 31 percent in uninhibited mining rate on a monthly basis.

Although Opera is the first browser to develop countermeasures against unauthorized crypto money mining, it will not be the last. Google Chrome’s upcoming built-in ad-blocker feature will also provide protection against mining. This rising trend is likely to end up with much more growth thanks to the measures of the browsers.


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