Previously arriving; Unlike the news that Iran starts to work on infrastructure for the use of bitcoin, the Central Bank of Iran has not accepted bitco as a legal payment method.

Iranian Information and Communication Technology Minister Amir Hossein Davaee In November, we announced that Iran was prepared to accept the bitco as a solution to overcome economic sanctions that cut off its banking system from global finance and trade and that a series of investigations were made as part of its infrastructure development efforts .

In 2012, Iran was removed from SWIFT, the platform for cross-border banking transactions. This blackout, which lasted four years, ended with a nuclear treaty signed by US President Obama in 2016.

In the statement made by Abolhassan Firouzabadi, the spokesperson of Iran’s Cyber ​​Space Supreme Council, positive views on the kirpto paralara have been reported. Bitcoini and all the crypto money, and that they believed that the crypto money should be subject to proper regulation. Now, however, the central bank of the country ignored the reports previously prepared by officials related to bitchin and other cryptographic money, and explained that they could not be accepted as a payment method. According to a local Iranian news source, the central bank warned investors that you could lose your investment assets for the sake of market volatility.

There are also rumors that the Central Bank of Iran, in cooperation with other financial institutions, is an effort to prevent and control the use of crypto money in the country. The central bank has not made any comment or confirmation on this matter. How can such a move be true, even if it is true, can it be prevented by today’s internet technologies? Not very possible.

But if there is a known fact that the country is pursuing a local crypto money development. In recent days Azaria Jahromi, the minister of Information and Communication Technologies of the country, announced on twitter that they are starting to work with PostBank, which is a state ban for the development of state-supported crypto money.

It is also interesting that the news of Iran’s release of its own crypto money came just after Venezuela offered its pre-sale petroleum petroleum, which was indexed to the price of a barrel of oil. Third World; the US dollar is trying to get rid of the pressure of being a reserve currency, and crypto money has incredible hopes on this issue. However, the US government has warned investors that investing in this oil-indexed crypto money of the socialist country would violate the sanctions imposed on the country, not to invest in Petro crypto money. Efforts to protect the US currency against its cryptographic counterparts will reveal the time and market for what will result.



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