Forbes, famous for listing the richest people in the world, for the first time in the past, has published a list of crypto money riches. According to Forbes editor Randall Lane, the reason for preparing this list is that people want to see crypto money as something that is used in illegal activities and as a developing legitimate entity class.

Although it is relatively easy to list the billionaires in the world, it is not possible to know the value of the entire assets of the wealthy nature of the crypt money.

The list consists of five categories: Idealists, builders, opportunists, infrastructure players and business investors. To get to the list, the sum of the crypto assets must be over $ 350 million.

The total value of the people on the list is given as intervals rather than fixed numbers. The calculations are given as an estimate with a few proven facts, and the taxes on the income to be obtained from cryptographic transactions are also deducted. Forbes says some people may have been left out of the list due to these extensive calculations.

There are 20 profiles with the first 19 profiles. Forbes, Winklevoss chose to place his twins on a single profile. You can examine each person in such a way that you can see the short biography and the estimated crypto value.

Lane emphasizes that despite the criticisms, the purpose of making the list is to justify the crypto ecosystem, which draws attention to these people and makes them targets.

Here is a list of who is who
chris larsen
joseph lubin
changpeng zhao
cameron winklevoss
tyler winklevoss
matthew mellon
brian armstrong
matthew roszak
anthony di lorio
brock pierce
michael novogratz
brendan blumer
dan larimer
valery vavilov
charles hoskinson
brad garlinghouse
barry silbert
vitalik buterin
tim draper
song chi-hyung


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