Ledger, a hardware crypto-wallet maker, announced on February 3 that they had a security vulnerability that affects all their devices.

According to the report; If the user’s computer is being compromised by malicious software, the attack is triggered by men in the middle to indicate the attacker’s desired address instead of the new address to be created during the creation of the new crypto-bank address. If the addresses created are not checked, the crypto parables go to the attacker so that they can not be retrieved again.

How can you protect from the attack?

It is necessary to compare the address that appears on the Ledger equipment’s own screen with the address that appears on the bitcoin buy menu when the screen icon appears below. This comparison is obviously not mandatory therefore it is connected to the user’s attention to the security of the crypto money.

Hardware crypto wallets are preferred because they are safer than software wallets, despite high prices. But about 1 million users of Ledger wallets are now vulnerable to this attack, reminding us that everybody is responsible for the security of their own assets, with the company saying “you can not use your hardware wallet to make you invisible”.


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