Ads shown on YouTube are evidence of unauthorized crypto mining applications using the CPU on the viewer’s computer.

Users share their social media accounts that their anti-virus software on their computers warns about unauthorized software crypto-mining when they visit Youtube.

Friday’s announcement by officials from the Trend Micro anti-virus software company states that advertisements triple the perception of web crypto mining. Attackers can use Google’s DoubleClick ad platform to show ads with malicious content on YouTube. The ads are mostly shown in Japan, France, Taiwan, Italy and Spain.

The ads are mining the crypto money named Monero. Controversial JavaScript posted by Coinhive in ninety percent of ads containing malware.

According to independent security researcher Troy Mursch, the main reason for this attack targeting YouTube is to spend a long time on the site. The longer malware is active, the more money it makes. Previously, Mursch had also detected crypto mining software running in the same way at Showtime site in September. This seems to explain why attackers prefer video sites.

In some cases, more and more fake anti-virus software ads and webmasters who drop the network to the attackers are paying both Coinhive’s script unwittingly load users.

Analyzed by Trend Micro, this ad was activated on Tuesday and includes Coinhive script. There is no way of knowing how much profit the person preparing the advertisement has earned up to now. In an email from a Google representative; crypto-mining secret scripts are new in the area of ​​malware, and the security measures of their platforms are constantly being updated for these situations. It was also added that malicious users were blocked and removed from the platform within 2 hours.

These answers of the authorities do not seem very satisfactory. As a result, Trend Micro officials and users in social media have discovered that malware-only ads are published once a week and remain live for at least one week.

Web-based crypto mining has caused such scripts to spread to websites as an epidemic. Some antivirus programs can warn their users by detecting crypto mining applications on their web sites, even if they do not appear to have been installed on the computer.


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