Brock Pierce Scandal just goes beyond the crowd that contains a dedicated contingent of Burning Man aficionados, known as “Burners”, who are adept at adding fuel to the festivities. He taught me that “everyone does mushrooms”.

His real scandal goes way back to early 2000s in a mac mansion in the valley. It involves Bryan Singer, as you expect he is the usual suspect. I am familiar with the story, cause friend of a friend knew Bryan Singer first hand. The rumor mill was that Bryan Singer always known as the director who loves to celebrate his birthday parties with kids. You may suspect it is similar to Michael Jackson’s jesus juice story.

However, Bryan Singer’s story always involved couple lines of white powder, besides under age kids. The first time, I heard of such a story I brushed it off. Then, I was invited to one of his parties through a friend. It was unreal. Thats around the time when I heard of a house in the valley tucked in the hills. I felt like I was in a recreation park with bunch of kids running around.

Only around 2004 when the situation got a bit of a heat, and some spot light has been cast on it.  However, everyone escaped the situation, including Brock Pierce.  The sex trafficking ring leader escaped the depositions, and any court hearing by hiding himself over in United Kingdom.  When someone spoted him in London, he escaped to Spain.  The rumor is that he is back in states with a different identity.

The real problem is that the victim’s couldnt get the justice they deserve.  Some committed suicide, and other remained all depressed, and felt as they are worthless souls.

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    wh0cd89035 Vibramycin

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