Brock Pierce is known for bitcoin, coinbase, ethereum, crypto and all the misc cryptocurrencies such as eos. He is known to be hot and cold. He also carries a ghost that most definitely he is trying to forget. He is among the usual suspect along with Bryan Singer.

Brock Pierce is from Minnesota. Even though he looks older than his age, supposedly he is born on November 14, 1980. He is an American entrepreneur known for his work in the cryptocurrency industry. The former child actor tried being a thespian in such films as Disney films The Mighty Ducks (1992), D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994) and First Kid (1996).

The good old mighty ducks actor tried his hand in being a tech entrepreneur for a long time. One of the reasons for his slow growth was that he never embraced the good old silicon valley tech scene. Instead he preferred sleazy Hollywood scene and parties.

When he was 17, his company Digital Entertainment Network, which raised $88 million during the dot-com bubble and then went bust.

His company DEN – Digital Entertainment Network was similar to youtube with a molestation ring and sweat shop style vertical model.

DEN – Digital Entertainment Network heads claimed all the boys in the house need to build their portfolio. The prodigy boys need to build their portfolio to really break into Hollywood. It was never clear what Brock Pierce role was in the house. However, he was picked up by Interpol in Spain. Bryan Singer was one of the regulars and usual suspects in one of the house parties.

In the 2000s Brock Pierce, an avid video gamer, tried his hand on virtual goods and assets company for kids, he called his venture Internet Gaming Entertainment, which employed thousands of people in China to play videogames, like World of Warcraft, in order to win coveted virtual prizes, and gain points–which he then sold to millions of videogamers globally for real money. His Video game virtual currency arbitrage led him to cryptos.

Lawsuits have plagued him all over like a gremlin for years. One of his early business partners was convicted as a sex offender, and litreally went missing.  Pierce was himself named in a civil lawsuit for involvement in sexual misconduct, but the suit was later dismissed. Brock Pierce denies any wrongdoing.

Pierce now officially resides in Puerto Rico, taking advantage of a tax-code exemption that shields the island’s residents from income tax. The real reason for this would be to have protection while he is holding to his moulah. Any other place in the world he would be kidnapped, tapped in no time.

He says Venice Beach is the new silicon beach and he loves to be in the West coast so he can be close to Asia. However, he also claims Puerto Rico is the new crypto blockchain hub. Puerto Rico is indeed in need of support and financial help after the storm the island blown to pieces in fall of 2017. The island also is infested with corruption, so the blockchain technology can really help the island. However, it is not really clear what Brock Pierce role would be in rejuvenating the island.

While he rallies Puerto Rico, he is not living in Puerto Rico majority of his time. He spends a lot of time around Los Angeles by Venice just chillin, partying and showing up in crypto events.

When I crashed to one of his regular parties, I was worried I was going to see bunch of young boys in the party similar to Bryan Singer’s birthday parties.

Brock Pierce Scandal just goes beyond the crowd that contains a dedicated contingent of Burning Man aficionados, known as “Burners”, who are adept at adding fuel to the festivities. He taught me that “everyone does mushrooms”. When I caught up with him, he was glee for just hosting a swanky all-night dinner party for nearly 30 guests, with a chef from a Michelin-starred restaurant, fire spinners, a snake dancer and bunch of washed up “Burners” from Burning Man just smoking hookahs with a bit of kush.

Brock Pierce now says he will donate all of his money.  It is estimated that his net worth to be around $1 billion. He claims he will be giving all the cash into a decentralized autonomous community run on a blockchain. He wants it be governed by a constitution, the whole community will be registered as a charity organization. He claims the participants will receive voting rights to allocate its money. Supposedly he is going to launch his venture on June 1, based on a new blockchain called EOS.IO.

Brock Pierce shrugs for giving all his money and says “I’ll make more money, I am not worried about it.”

Born November 14, 1980 (age 37)
Minnesota, U.S.
Residence San Juan, Puerto Rico
Citizenship United States
Occupation Entrepreneur
Director of the Bitcoin Foundation
Former child actor
Years active Acting: 1992–1997
Business: 1999–present
Organization Bitcoin Foundation
Known for Bitcoin, Blockchain, and crypto currency work

Brock Pierce scandal continues as John Oliver roasted Brock on his “Last Week Tonight” show on HBO. The LWT writers covered unicorns, eos, and the futurist cowboy Brock Pierce. John Oliver pretty much covered that no cowboy from the future will be able to become the next google. Johnny pretty much towards the end of the segment called Pierce “a total douche!”

  1. Satoshi Nakamoto 4 weeks ago

    tsk tsk! I am glad he is paying forward though!

    • Author
      Laura Sheen 3 weeks ago

      Is he really actually paying forward though?

  2. Masterblock 3 weeks ago

    LOL!!! is a total scam, buyer beware

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