After the unsuccessful attack on Binance, which was on the world’s largest crypto money market, began on March 7, crypto money markets were rightly concerned. Though small-volume stock exchange bombardments do not make such a sound, the situation is different for Binance, whose daily transaction volume is 1 billion dollars. It is a far more profitable target than attacking any traditional bank for attackers.

In recognition of this situation, the company announced in its latest blog posting that it would resort to new methods to prevent such attacks, even if they were not harmed by the attacks. Binance announced last week that it will reward those who will help illuminate the attack and capture attackers, with $ 250,000 Binance’s own crypto-money BNB.

If the identity confidentiality of the subject is not blocked by the authorities, it is presented as an option to informers. The Binance Stock Exchange has spent $ 10 million worth of crypto money for future attacks, and other stock exchanges have invited this initiative to launch hackers against computer hackers targeting crypto money exchanges.

Computer hijackers failures; the hackers automatically lost their VIA crypto money they had deposited because they were automatically stopped by the risk management system of our platform and they were prepared to react well to it and were well organized and we believe that they prefer VIA crypto money because of low liquidity, the most appropriate moment for the snow.

As crypto money became widespread, it began to become the number one target of hackers. Always the weakest link in the security chain. We must be more cautious and cautious about securing our own assets.


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